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My name is Astasia, I'm an outdoor loving dog mom who helps others start FUELING their life for increased strength and energy!

Nutrition Guidance

We can't outwork a poor diet. Learn exactly how to FUEL your body with specific goals tailored to your needs and lifestyle. Here at AMP Recovery we focus on teaching the 80/20 rule. 80% whole foods with 20% enjoyment. No restrictions here! Let's work together to reach your goals, fell great AND still enjoy dessert!

Strength Training

We take a strength training approach to fitness. Having experience lifting is preferred. You must be willing to go to a gym or have home gym equipment such as a barbell and or dumbbells.

Custom plans

Life happens and no two schedules are the same. This is not a cookie cutter program. Let's make your goals sustainable to your lifestyle and schedule! The only program that works is one you will follow through on so let's work together to help you succeed!


Let me guess...

You are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

(If you sang that we are going to get along great lol)

You want to feel healthier, have more energy, and continue to do the outdoor sports that you love without feeling exhausted!

You want to be the BEST version of yourself but it seems like no matter what diet or workout group you try it's not creating that STRONG energized life you thought it would.

You know something is missing but you just can't put your finger on it.

You want to give your best to your friends and family but you just don't have the energy, when you're constantly running on E.

Here's the deal...

You're NOT alone.

Diet culture has run us physically and mentally into the dirt with the whole...

"Do more eat less mantra"...

"Cardio is the key to success"...

"Running ourselves ragged and stressed is part of life!"

"Filling your cup first is just plain selfish"

I'm here to tell you that sadly you've been lied to...

Say goodbye to dieting

Diet culture has not only ruined our relationship with food it's also wreaked havoc on our metabolisms! Let's kick the diet culture to the curb and start FUELING our bodies for the lifestyle we want!

— Get the support you deserve

— Tested & proven coaching method

— Stop restricting...start fueling!

Get the lean body you want

We all have an idea of what we want to weigh or how we want to look but what if I told you the real power is focusing on how you FEEL.

The scale has dictated your success and results for too long and your health has suffered. If you're here then that hasn't worked for you...think it's time to try a different approach?

Instead, let's focus on getting you:

Hella strong, fueling that muscle instead of obsessing over the scale.

Improving your energy levels through out the day and

FEELING your best self!

Guess what.... I bet that number on the scale won't even matter anymore when you see how strong you can become. ;)

Own your POWER

The only way we can create success and KEEP it is by stepping out of that victim mentality and taking ownership of our choices. What diet culture has done to you is NOT your fault, but how you choose to react to it is fully in your control.

Coaching with me is not a diet program it's a lifestyle change.

Unfortunately, you will not create success if you view this as something that you just want "to do for a bit" to hit your goals and then go back to what you were doing before. You have to TAKE OWNERSHIP of the life you want to live and the health you want to have. Being willing to be excited about creating this new journey of being the strongest version of yourself. Get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Only then will you be ready to not only create the success you desire but also know that when you graduate from the program you have the tools and education you need to continue this FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!


People Love Us

"I feel really good about myself! Those little wins make all the difference and this is really becoming a lifestyle."


"The education I have received has changed my life. I started out wanting to feel better now I want to see how strong I can become! I'm just getting started."


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